Why chose Capital Investment Advisors?

Capital Investment Advisors is built on extensive and deep market knowledge, integrity, and superior customer service.  Each sales executive has an average of 20 years experience in the Southern California marketplace.  The team brings expertise from various asset categories and deal size.  CIA offer the best of both worlds, institutional training with unparalleled customer service. As a boutique firm CIA offers the attention large brokerage companies simply cannot offer.  Having 20 years plus experience in Southern California all of the sales executives have extensive networks across all sectors, both on the private side and public sector.

Track Record

CIA has a proven track record composed of seasoned sales executives.  The firm has a strong track record of providing commercial asset disposition services to the following clients: Maguire Partners, Thomas Partners, Toyo Real Estate, Xerox, Union Bank, Bank of the West, and Ironwood Holding (Los Angeles County).

Partnerships and Long-term Relationships

CIA understands the importance of building relationship with its clients — buyers and sellers. We are here to help you through these difficult times by creating customized solutions for every need. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail have created a deep trust with our clients.  Some of our clients require sales to be managed in a discreet manner and CIA is sensitive to those needs.  Also, regular reporting per clients requirements are fully adhered to and respected. Having a clear understanding of our client’s expectations and objectives is of paramount importance to the CIA team of advisors.    

CIA Cooperation Policy

CIA has a firm policy of proactive broker cooperation on every listing to gain maximum exposure and to ensure that you receive the highest price the market will allow for your property. We have our own buyers as well, but they represent just a small percentage of the pool of viable investors. Especially in today’s market place it is so important to locate and identify active buyers rather than market to a database of buyers no longer in the market place.  Many of the large brokerage houses claim a large database of buyers that no longer are in the market place.

Clients Best Interests

CIA prides itself in a simple philosophy “Client’s Best Interest First”. We do so by aggressively marketing to and cooperating with all brokers. This strategy creates a “Bidding War” in the marketplace.  In an industry where the status quo is to double end deals, our philosophy is to “Maximize Value”.  In addition, CIA is affiliated with and is ready to direct ancillary services such as property management, receivership, mitigation and due diligence support. We pride ourselves in looking out for our client’s best interest from A to Z.      


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